Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles Sit-a-thon

A Los Angeles Shambhala Fundraiser

Sunday, January 22nd, 9 AM to 7 PM



Join us for this quiet day of meditation in our community. Our Sit-A-Thon is a fundraiser to provide support for Southern California Shambhala Centers. It is based on the walk-a-thon model; sponsors pledge a flat dollar amount for the participant's full or partial day of sitting meditation.

The resources we raise will contribute to this year's two top priorities:  First, there is an overwhelming need for new larger space in Orange County to accommodate the ever growing demand for programs there. Our current one-room temporary location is bursting at the seams! The local sangha is incredibly energized and dedicated to growing our presence in a part of the city that has a brilliant potential to embrace mindfulness.

Our next priority is to further strengthen our core infrastructure. Specifically, we are seeking to offer more support for members who assume critical leadership roles in the form of small stipends that will help us attract and keep passionate and inspiring leadership. 

By supporting the centers in this way, you support our ability to offer meditation programs and events.  As well, it allows us to expand our role as community centers in Southern California. Thank you for your support!

Our Combined Goal For All Southern California Shambhala Centers is $50,000




All donations are tax deductible. We are a 501(c) 3 organization.

There is a way for everyone to participate


Sign Up to Sit on January 22nd, 2017

The Shambhala Centers of So. Cal (Eagle Rock, Mar Vista, Orange County) are collaborating to raise money for our centers. Like a marathon, each meditator asks for sponsorship money for their sitting.

Each sitter will have a profile on the website which they can use to reach out to family and friends asking for their support of something that means a lot to you. Our online system will lead you through the process. The profile page shows the level of their sponsorship as well as personal messages.

We ask you to creates a schedule of sitting you can commit to, but also pace yourselves, taking breaks when needed. Shambhala will provide snacks and beverages, along with a space for breaks, yoga, and walking meditation.

If you can’t be at your center for the whole time, commit to what part of it you can, and make sure that those sponsoring you understand that commitment. You will explain this on your profile page.


Sit Remotely 

If you can’t be at the center on the date of our Sit-a-Thon for the whole time, we want you still to join in. You can

  • Create a profile page in support of the Sit-A-Thon and sit from home. Send your photos to on the day of the Sit-A-Thon, we will post them at the center of your choice.
  • Gather with dharma friends and bring the center to your living room. 
  • Sponsor a sitter or donate to the event.


Sponsor a Sitter
Sponsor a Sitter, or two, or three!
Search for sitters here.


All donations to the Sit-A-Thon are greatly appreciated!

If you wish to make a general donation to our fundraiser there are two options.
1. Visit the event sponsorship page, and donate a set amount to become a sponsor.
2. Visit the participants page, and select General Administrator to make a donation of a non-specific amount.

Sponsor the Event
Individuals, organizations and businesses can become Event Sponsors by contributing funds or goods to the event. Do you know a business who might wish to sponsor our sit-a-thon? Maybe your workplace has a system in place. Please let us know.

Interested in volunteering? Email

Our Top 10 Fundraisers

Rank Name Amount
#1 Sepi Tabai $1,515.00
#2 Deirdre Waters $1,455.00
#3 Sharon Owyang $1,300.00
#4 Cynthia MacKay $1,165.00
#5 Chris Best $845.00
#6 Mellodee Nguyen $710.00
#7 Anne Saitzyk $680.00
#8 Gregory Heffron $620.00
#9 Jennifer Wang $575.00
#10 David Dike $360.00

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