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I can't say what Shambhala has provided me in the last (nearly) 18 years, and how encouraged I feel about teaching others to "make friends with themselves." The teachings of Shambhala Buddhism are that all human negativity comes from a deep and largely overlooked lack of confidence. Nobody has to tell me this is true — I've seen it in my own meditation practice by looking directly at my mind at it twists and clenches and opens up and closes down. And I've felt the moments when I was able to let go of doubt and actually trust my humanity. The simplicity and power of it. That despite my human foibles, I'm trying my best, and am "basically good." This isn't truly "religion" per se (though perhaps as "sacred" as anything). It's more a method to see that we aren't fundamentally unworthy or unwelcome in this world. We are not powerless, even if we're not the Gods we seem to think we should be. Even if we've made mistakes, we are not fundamentally unforgivable. We are not unloveable. All those are just thoughts slipping through the mind like mist meandering down a valley in Winter — it looks like "a huge monster!" But it's not. It's actually really not. It never was. It never will be. The fact that we mistake our "catastrophic thinking" for reality is something meditation practice directly reveals. And seeing through this self-deception allows us to let go of everything we think we need to be 'all right' in this Big Universe: addictive behaviors, compulsively lashing out at "our enemy," having to blurt out something without consideration for the consequences, falling into despair because we haven't developed the patience yet to forge ahead without guarantees... Letting go of these panicked impulses means letting go of wrecking our world. It means making a basically decent world together — without anyone having to tell us what to do. A kind of self-organizing human decency.
Kind, quiet, powerful, consistent, patient people. It's what the world needs now. We — me, you, all of us — can become those people. History and current events both show that if we don't, the fate of the planet will fall to those in deep confusion.
Please help me to support my local Shambhala center by adding your pledge as a symbolic support for my full day of meditation. Even $10 makes a difference.

Shambhala is a global community of people inspired by the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature, our innate wisdom, can be developed so that it benefits our own lives and helps meet the many challenges facing the world.

Shambhala welcomes people from all walks of life, faiths, and backgrounds. They come together to practice meditation, gather, and celebrate in order to develop a global culture that cultivates dignity and sanity in an increasingly chaotic and stressful world.

Shambhala is a not-for-profit organization funded by donations from its members and supporters, and by program fees. This year, Shambhala Los Angeles has two top priorities:  First, there is an overwhelming need for new larger space in Orange County to accommodate the ever growing demand for programs there. Our current one-room temporary location is bursting at the seams! The local sangha is incredibly energized and dedicated to growing our presence in a part of the city that has a brilliant potential to embrace mindfulness.

Our next priority is to further strengthen our core infrastructure. Specifically, we are seeking to offer more support for members who assume critical leadership roles in the form of small stipends that will help us attract and keep passionate and inspiring leadership. 

On Sunday, January 22nd, Shambhala Los Angeles is hosting a Sitting for Society; think of it like a walk-a-thon, but with meditation. Community members will gather at our center in Eagle Rock to meditate together for a full day. Your donation means so much to help make this special community possible, please consider supporting. Thank you! 

If you are unable to donate online, please click here for the offline donation form.


  • Lawrence (about 4 months ago)

    Thank you!

  • FRED (about 4 months ago)

    can't be there, but i support you

  • Candace (about 4 months ago)

    Appreciation for your leadership and teaching, Gre

  • Jill (about 5 months ago)

    Your message is inspiring, Greg, as is Shambhala

  • Kristan (about 5 months ago)


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What: Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles Sit-a-thon
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